Program Faculty

David Flood

Assistant Professor, General Faculty and Catalyst Program Director

David Flood is a sociocultural anthropologist whose research focuses on class, race, and US politics. In addition to these topics, he has taught extensively in the College on Liberal Arts education and the value and use of a UVA A&S degree on the job market and in civic life. He directs and teaches in the UVA Catalyst Program.


Charlie Gleek

Associate Professor

Charlie Gleek, an intentionally interdisciplinary academic, whose scholarship attends to how bibliographic materiality shapes and informs readers’ literary and cultural interpretations. Professor Gleek also explores themes of place, labor, and literary culture through his creative nonfiction essays. Professor Gleek's writing appears in The Chattahoochee Review, Penumbra: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Critical and Creative Inquiry, i.e.: inquiry in education, and in other venues.


Advisors to the Director

Rachel Most

Associate Dean for Undergraduate Academic Programs/Professor

Dean Most is responsible for supervising all operations of the undergraduate College of Arts & Sciences. She oversees the association deans who provide academic advising for undergraduates in the College, the Echols Scholars program, and the academic regulations of the College. Dean Most also coordinates the work of the A&S Curriculum and Educational Policy Committee (the elected faculty body that evaluates new courses, majors, and degree programs), and oversees the annual academic audit of all College students. In her role as a professor, she teaches a few courses in archaeology each year.


David Leblang

Professor of Politics and Public Policy, Director of the Global Policy Center

A scholar the area of the international political economy, Professor Leblang has expertise in international immigration, global capital markets, and financial crises.  His work has appeared in Comparative Political StudiesThe European Journal of Political ResearchInternational OrganizationThe American Political Science ReviewWorld Politics and The American Journal of Political Science. He currently serves as the editor of SSRN's International Political Economy's Migration eJournal and is on the editorial board of World Politics.